Indian Coconut Sweet Recipe

Indian Coconut Sweet RecipeIndian Coconut Sweet RecipeIndian Coconut Sweet Recipe
  • Yield : 200 gms
  • Servings : 10
  • Prep Time : 20m
  • Cook Time : 30m
  • Ready In : 1:20 h





Condensed Milk


Cardamom Powder




Boil around 250 ml of milk. Take the desiccated coconut (about 300 gms) in a container; add about 2 tbs of fresh cream and 50 ml of condensed milk into it. Mix all the ingredients well with the desiccated coconut. This Indian Coconut Sweet recipe, if prepared, according to the direction I am giving you- I can assure you that your dessert is surely be a ‘cracking hit’ with your friends and family!

Now, after the coconut is mixed well, add about 100 gms of sugar into it. Remember, that the condensed milk also is sweet in taste and the coconut too, has some sweet taste of itself. So, do not add too much of sugar into it. Now, after the ingredients are mixed well. Then, leave it for about 10 mins before cooking. By this time the milk will also get boiled.


Take a deep frying pan (preferably a non-stick one). Heat it well. Then, add the coconut mixture into it. Keep the flame on low mode. Now add about 200ml of milk into it. Keep stirring as you pour the milk into the coconut. Now, for some time keep the flame on high mode. This will help the milk to solidify faster. After the milk has solidified, considerably, add the cardamom powder (about 5gnms). Mix it well on a low flame. Now, keep stirring it at an interval of 2-3 mins for about 10 mins. When the colour of the coconut turns slightly brownish in colour, take it off the flame. Add some grated almond and mix. Now, keep the mixture to cool down for about 20 mins. Then, carefully shape them, as you wish! You can cut them in diamond shape or square shaped like I did or if you have a mould you can form some more interesting festive shapes, as well.

Now, you can decorate it further with some dry fruits or with a strand of kesar on top of each.

Diwali, is not a time to spend in kitchen, much but yes we do want to serve delicacies to friends and family! So, this Indian Coconut Sweet Recipe is perfect mix of both- it takes less time, easy to make but with awesome taste. Try this and let me know!

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