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0 Comments | September 18, 2013 uses about the number of visitors and also analyze traffic on our site. The information collected through the analytics assists us in understanding the interest of the customers and also helps us keep developing and updating our website. With every visitor coming on to our site, the page he/she looks at, a short text file called cookie, gets saved on to the individual’s hard drive. These cookies are used to collect traffic analysis, solely. It does not contain personal information of the visitor. But one can also block/refuse the cookie, depending on the browser they use.

The purpose of the privacy policy is to give the visitors a clear understanding about the functioning of the website.


Each and every recipe updated on the website under respective categories are original and are not copied from other sources like, other websites, books, magazines, etc. Thus, the recipes are improvised and slightly different from other regular food/recipe websites. Our recipes are written keeping in mind the visitors who are new to the world of cooking. So, each step is written and described clearly.

 Video recipe

The video recipes are also original content that are shot, edited and then uploaded to help visitors learn some difficult/elaborate recipes.

 We do not encourage copying of content from our website

Any person using our website as a source of content for his/her website, books or other medium (which would be of commercial interest or open for public) can face legal actions.

Contacting Us          

For any questions, comments or assistance in cooking, please write to us at:

We will surely help you within 24 hours.

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